• How we give back
    How we give back

Giving Back

We have identified worthy causes and building projects we can drive forward that will enrich the lives of the community and area around us. Making a difference here and helping to create a sustainable environment is absolutely essential to everybody that comes into contact with Uganda, the Pearl Of Africa!
It’s essential that money and time is well spent in order to make sure that we’re actually making a positive impact. We prefer to teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime instead of giving him a fish and feed him for a day – as they say.

We also have to be honest when we say that we have a collective soft-spot for animals, and therefore the well-being and conservation of animals and their habitat also plays a big part in all our endeavours.

Giving Back - Community

Lake Mutanda Island Development Project – Education, Health, Environment. Mutanda Island, located at an altitude of 1.790 meters, is the biggest of all the islands on Lake Mutanda, in the Kisoro District of Uganda.


Giving Back - Nature

Lake Mutanda Chameleon Bay: Re-forestation - Fish breeding zone - Otter protection area.


Giving Back - Animals

Having always been a passionate animal lover and being involved in various welfare and rescue organizations, it seemed natural for Doris (the owner of Chameleon Hill) also to welcome local furry friends into our piece of paradise. Our animal family has grown extensively and is very much a highlight of many of our guest’s stay.

We adore our ever-growing family of rescued animals and if you like to know more about each and everyone, just ask us, we’d be delighted to share some really entertaining stories.