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Lake Mutanda Chameleon Bay: Re-forestation - Fish breeding zone - Otter protection area.

Uganda is losing its forests surprisingly quickly. In a country where 92% of people depend on firewood, entire forests are being cleared and replaced with fast-growing, non-native, eucalyptus trees. Another massive threat to fauna and flora is the draining of swamps, which are then used as farmland.

The destruction of nature reduces biodiversity and creates a crisis as the supply of natural resources cannot keep pace with Uganda's population growth.

We, the Chameleon Hill Lodge, have made it our mission to make a contribution at Lake Mutanda, located between the Mgahinga Gorilla and Bwindi National Parks. In the past 7 years we have planted 15.500 trees around Chameleon Bay and bought the remaining "pocket forests" to save them from deforestation. Bird species that have already disappeared have returned, as well as snakes, bees, butterflies, owls and other small animals.

Alternative land for cultivation was made available to the village communities that illegally built fields in the swamps. This meant that the swamps were able to recover and, thanks to their function as natural filters, the lake is no longer overloaded with loamy earth. The fish population is recovering and contributing to a healthy ecosystem.

What we're particularly happy about is that there are more and more otter families settling here. The combination of healthy forest and lake is the ideal habitat for these cute little animals.

The bay itself was declared a protection zone in cooperation with the local fishermen. The Lake Mutanda NGO agreed to provide allowances to improve the group's livelihood. We have also set up alternative income training centers where we offer apprenticeships in tailoring, carpentry and alternative farming projects.

Talk to us should you wish to contribute to this worthy cause.